Importance of Worming Horses


There are over 100 types of worms that affect horses of all ages.

The main parasites that affect horses are:

Small Strongyles – this type of worm is becoming more resistant to wormers.

Large Strongyles – can cause significant health problems in horses of all ages.

Tape Worms – of little significance unless in very large numbers

Bots – while not a worm, still an internal parasite.

Round worm – common in young horses such as foals and weanlings.

Pin worm – these are more of a nuisance – may notice tail rubbing

Strongyloides – common in foals

Over 99% of equine parasites live on the pastures.



Worms are responsible for a whole range of health problems ranging from weight loss, loss of appetite, poor/rough coat, poor growth, lethargy, anaemia, diarrhoea, colic and in extreme cases, death.

A horse with a parasite infestation may not have a dull, potbellied appearance. In some cases, horses with shiny coats can still have a worm burden.


As with all diseases prevention is better than cure, and it is recommended all horse owners aim to protect their horses.

There are two approaches to ensuring control:

  1. Reduce parasites in horses
  2. Control numbers in pastures

The best way to control worms in horses is to implement a successful worming program using an oral wormer every 6-8 weeks.




We stock Prazivek Oral Paste and Morabec Oral Paste. Both of these products are developed, manufactured and tested in Australia to strict veterinary requirements. These products are developed and distributed by a wholly owned Australian company.


Prazivek comes in a 6.42g Syringe, dosed at at the rate of 1 mL per 100kg bodyweight Prazivec delivers 0.2mg/kg of IVERMECTIN and 1.5mg/kg of PRAZIQUANTEL.

Prazivec provides a safe, broad range parasite control for horses.

Active Constituents – Each gram of paste contains 140 mg of Praziquantel and 18.7 mg of Ivermectin.

Ease of use:  Thanks to the easy trigger applicator, accurate dose measure and apple flavouring, administering the drench is an easy manoeuvre and because of the thixotropic properties in the semi fluid paste, Prazivec bonds with the saliva in the horses mouth. (Horses don’t spit it out). Administering the correct dose with no wastage is easy.
A feature of Prazivec is the applicator or drench utensil. The drench is easily administered with one hand using the drench trigger. The horses do not resist the drench due to the Apple flavouring. An accurate measure of the appropriate dosage depending on the size of the horse is easily achieved.



Morabec is easy to use, safe for horses and deadly for parasites. Each 30mL syringe is capable of treating horses of weight up to 600kg. The dose of 5.4g / 100kg bodyweight delivers 0.22 mg/kg of ABAMECTIN and 9.0mg/kg or MORANTEL TARTRATE.

Active Constitutents: Each gram of paste contains 167mg of morantel tartrate and 4 mg abamectin.