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Quantity of Purchased Products 68ug 136ug 272ug 408ug
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10 packs $150.00 $175.00 $200.00 $225.00


Heartworm Soluble tablets for the prevention of Heartworm disease in dogs. Contains the active ingredient IVERMECTIN in a meaty, sweetly flavoured base. Each pack contains 6 water soluble tablets. Dosed at 1 tablet per month, a pack will protect your dog for 6 months. Administer tablet on the same day or within a few days of the same day to ensure maximum protection. Missing a tablet in any month the prevention program may not be effective. Heartworm Soluble protects dogs of all sizes, the tablets and pack are coloured to match the weight of your dog. Use the guide below to choose the right product for your dog, based on their weight : 68ug suitable for dogs up to 11 kg     –  Red Pack and Tablets 136ug suitable for dogs 12 to 22 kgGreen Pack and Tablets 272ug suitable for dogs 23 to 44 kg – Blue Pack and Tablets 408ug suitable for dogs 45 to 67kg – Yellow Pack and Tablets


68ug ( up to 11 kg), 136ug (12 – 22kg), 272ug (23 – 44 kg), 408ug (45 – 67kg), 10 packs of 68ug ( up to 11 kg), 10 packs of 136ug (12 – 22kg), 10 packs of 272ug (23 – 44 kg), 10 packs of 408ug (45 – 67kg)

Directions for Use: To administer, remove one tablet from the blister card then return the card to its container and store in a cupboard or drawer to protect the tablets from light. Give the tablet by placing it on the back of the dog’s throat on top of the tongue and pushing it down the throat with your index finger. Alternatively dissolve the tablet in 5 – 10 mls of water or other fluid and add to your pet’s food. Ensure your pet consumes the entire dose. If entire dose is not taken, give another tablet to ensure protection against heartworm infection. It is important to have your dog checked by a Veterinarian prior to treatment with Heartworm Soluble Tablets. If the dog is infested with adult heartworm and microfilariae when the treatment with Heartworm Soluble is commenced, adverse reactions may result.

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